The Solutions Not Punishment Coalition

The Solutions Not Punishment Coalition (SNaP Co) is a groundbreaking team and campaign, anchored by the Racial Justice Action Center, La Gender, (Trans)forming, and Women with a Vision in Atlanta and created in 2013. SNaP Co is working to build power among those who are targeted by the Atlanta Police Department – especially trans* and gender nonconforming folks of color, current and former street-level sex workers and formerly incarcerated people – and to transform the way the City of Atlanta crafts and implements its policies, practices and laws related to street-level sex work. Instead of banishment, longer jail sentences and higher fines, SNaP Co is fighting for policies and laws that: utilize treatment programs, services, and opportunities as a response to survival sex work, as opposed to jail time; emphasize holistic wraparound services for people including job training, educational programs, health care, and housing; and draw from evidence-based best practices around the country (including previous programs in Atlanta). The coalition has had incredible success in its short history, including developing and working on the implementation of a community-based pre-booking diversion program as an alternative to the criminal (in)justice system. More than 40 Atlanta-based organizations are represented, with more than 275 individual members.

Toolkit for LGBTQ Youth Advocates in Delta Region

This report is the first of its kind in the region, one that was carefully planned, written, edited, and revised by black community members, advocates, and LGBTQ-rights defenders in Mississippi.

Third Wave Announces the Mobilize Power Fund

The Third Wave Fund announced a new rapid-response fund for organizations that support the leadership of young women of color, trans, gender non-conforming, queer, and intersex youth in social movements.