18-Month Fellowship for Southern District-Level Educators

Developing and supporting leaders who believe in changing systemic inequality in the US is vital, now more than ever. The Southern Education Fund and Atlantic Philanthropies is launching the Racial Equity Leadership Network, a new 18-month fellowship for Southern educators who are committed to addressing historical disparities in their system and realizing a compelling vision of educational equity for every student.

Up to ten (10) executives (Superintendents, Deputy Superintendents, Chief Academic Officers, etc.) will be selected after an application process. Priority applications are due January 3, 2017. Learn more at Southern Education Fund’s website and please spread the word to educators committed to building a more free and successful future for young Southerners, particularly young people of color and working-class and poor students.

More about the Racial Equity Leadership Network:

“In districts all over the United States, race and class remain among the most reliable predictors of student success in school.  Currently, in southern states, more than half of all the students enrolled in public school are from low-income families, with a growing number of families living in extreme poverty. The majority of public school students in the South are also children of color, rapidly changing the demographics of large and small districts. The increasing diversity and inequities students and families confront, creates an imperative for us to reimagine how we create a system that increases access and opportunity for all children to learn, develop, and thrive.

We think the system we need now requires a bold and significant shift in educational leadership and practice.  Leaders in every corner of our nation are being called to think, engage and act differently in the face of the complex challenges they navigate. Strengthening the will, skill and capacity of district leaders and their teams is an important lever for advancing authentic and enduring equity-centered system change.

Funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies, the Southern Education Foundation is answering this call by launching an innovative Racial Equity Leadership Network  (RELN) to advance the capacity of district leaders committed to enduring equity-centered systems change as a solution to addressing racial, economic and academic disparities in districts across the South.

Learn more about the RELN program overviewbenefitseligibility, and partners.”

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