Mijente: #Justice4Roxsana and #AbolishICE

In addition to the #FreeOurFuture campaign, Mijente is working on the #Justice4Roxsana and #AbolishICE campaigns.

On August 26, Mijente began marching at the Bernanillo County Courthouse demanding the following:

  • We demand an end to the detention and deportation of trans and queer migrants as well as the criminalization of Black people.

  • We call on LGBTQ+ and immigrant rights movement to decry anti-Blackness and engage in active solidarity with Black LGBTQ+ migrants by uplifting our presence and leadership.

  • We demand the release of all trans people currently detained at all immigration detention facilities around the country, including right here at the Cibola County Correctional Facility.

  • We demand an end to all forms of immigration detention and deportation.

  • We call for the complete abolishment of ICE and prisons.

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