Toolkit for LGBTQ Youth Advocates in Delta Region

The Nollie Jenkins Family Center, NJFC, a LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund grantee since 2013, released its groundbreaking toolkit, the “Advocating for LGBTQ Student Rights in the Mississippi Delta Region Resource Guide,” in September 2015. This report is the first of its kind in the region, one that was carefully planned, written, edited, and revised by black community members, advocates, and LGBTQ-rights defenders in Mississippi. The report is rich with information for educators, social-service providers, healthcare providers, school staff and administrators, mental health care providers, parents, students, and more. The resource guide includes information on the deep inequalities experienced by LGBTQ people in the Mississippi Delta region, from suicide and bullying to exile and criminalization. There are concrete tools that you can use immediately, including sample letters to address issues of educational injustice, harassment, bullying, and violations of rights regarding gender expression and identity. The toolkit talks about the issues that matter to young people in the region, including not having your prom date policed, the right to start a Gay-Straight Alliance at your school, and the right not to be ‘outed’ by your school to your parents or community.

Download: Advocating for LGBTQ Student Rights in MS Delta Guide (PDF, 1.8MB)

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