Project South: Black Youth Power Rising Report

Project South, LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund grantee since 2014, co-sponsored and was part of the planning and programs teams for the Movement for Black Lives Convening in Cleveland, Ohio, July 26-28, 2015. Project South co-organized a charter bus with local partners and sent over 30 youth participants from their month-long Septima Clark Community Power Institute Summer Program. In Fall 2015, Project South released “Black Youth Power Rising”, a reportback from MBL that gives voice to many of the youth who attended. Their expression of inspiration, heartache, hope, and commitment is beautiful. The many common struggles of low-income black communities throughout the U.S., including queer and trans people, was a clear message people received at MBL. Many youth were struck by the powerful leadership of queer and trans people and the chance to learn more about why queer and trans people are leading Black Lives Matter.

Download: Black Youth Power Rising (PDF, 844KB)

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