Racial Justice Action Center/ Solutions Not Punishment Coalition Campaign to End Broken Windows Policing in Atlanta

Legislation has been filed to end Broken Window policing in Atlanta, largely based on RJAC/SNaPCo’s advocacy and organizing.   RJAC/SNaPCo’s campaign to close the extra jail, repurpose the facility and reallocate the millions spent annually on the resource and services communities need to thrive was especially influential  The work for this particular campaign has been ongoing over the last five years. The next stage of the campaign will be focused on a community-led process to determine the use of the facility and the reallocation of funds.

Supporters of the legislation showed up in Atlanta to speak to lawmakers and  share stories about people who were negatively impacted by the Atlanta jail and criminalization more broadly They spoke about the disproportionate impact on women and families, on immigrants andon queer and trans people. They also spoke of the need for funding and resources to go to the Black Atlanta neighborhoods who have paid the price for outdated and biased policing methods. They specified that more funding was needed for the city’s woefully under-resourced HIV/AIDS and mental health services and for greater access to housing and employment. .


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