Racial Justice Fund provides $850,000+ to Southern Multi-Issue Organizing

The LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund, housed at the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice and one of the strongest champions of intersectional social-change work in the U.S. South, provided more than $850,000 to work conducted in ten Southern states in the past year. RJF supports groups that see the inextricable link between gender, LGBTQ, and racial justice – connections that are starker than ever in our current political moment. For the past four years, RJF has specifically focused on the innovative and inspiring organizing occurring in the U.S. South, recognizing the leadership of LGBTQGNC people of color in that under-resourced region. This spring, the nine donors who make up the Racial Justice Fund approved $795,000 in grants ranging from $50,000 to $150,000 to seven groups working against criminalization, mass incarceration, homelessness, state violence, educational inequity, discrimination in social services, and more. In addition, RJF provides separate capacity-building funds to their grantees, recognizing the need for infrastructure- and leadership-building initiatives. In the past 12 months, these grants (together with rapid-response grants) have totaled $92,500. In total, the LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund provided $887,500 to Southern multi-issue organizations in their fourth year.

We hope you will find out more about RJF’s grantee partners here and support their vital work in building a liberatory world for all of us. Any grantmakers interested in learning more or joining RJF’s Steering Committee, please send inquiries to lgbtqracialjusticefund@astraeafoundation.org.

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