Capacity Building

In 2016, The LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund announced a new holistic capacity-building program available immediately to all current RJF grantees. This program opened up a significant new stream of funds for the powerful organizing groups supported by the Racial Justice Fund.

The LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund believes that capacity-building programs should be responsive and grantee-driven and should offer holistic support. The Fund believes in listening to our grantees regarding what role they want institutions to play in strengthening their work on the frontlines. We hear the recurring message: provide opportunities for peer learning and sharing; allow grantees to craft these opportunities; and provide flexible funding that provides space for organizations to rapidly respond to emerging opportunities. These imperatives are particularly important in the South, RJF’s region of focus, because of the dearth of social justice funding sources and the too-frequent de-valuing of leadership of those who are of color, poor, LGBQ, trans, women, immigrants, and young.

In response, we have revised our capacity-building program to offer a more accessible, multi-stranded approach to capacity building. Given that the LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund is one of the only grantmaking resources in the country focused on the intersection of race, gender identity, and sexual orientation, we recognize the potential and power among the first cohorts of grantees. We seek creative ways to buttress and strengthen that power, recognizing our partners as the thought and movement leaders that they are. We also recognize that groups doing complex, cross-issue work have different needs throughout a grant period. We want grantees to be able to make use of the many varied and valuable resources for activists in the South and beyond.

The LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund grantees are powerful, respected resources in their fields, and have a great deal to offer and exchange with one another. Through the provision of grants, technology support, travel monies, and logistical support, we can help bring about skill exchanges between grantees, who seek to gain new tools as well as share their own tools with other groups.

Program Details and How to Apply:

Capacity Building Grants are only available to current Racial Justice Fund grantees. 

All grantees may apply for assistance within their core grant application that falls under one of the following kinds of support:

1. Strengthen Campaign Work: These funds can be used for additional logistics, program, and follow-up work related to the funded campaign. You may also use capacity-building funds to help partners and coalitions come together and work more collaboratively.

2. Reflect and Evaluate: These funds can be used for healing, reflection work, and/or evaluation tools that will strengthen groups’ sustainability.

3. Communicate / Share Your Stories: These funds can be used for opportunities to share your work with the world, with an emphasis on opportunities involving local resources and sustainable practices that strengthen organizational capacity.

*Applications will be assessed during the regular grantmaking cycle.

*All grantees should use the online application link emailed to them, or email for a copy.